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Michael, a seemingly successful young man, struggles with the paradox of wanting to fit in and still be himself. For a sporty yet booze-infested team building weekend, he and his male colleagues arrive in a small house in the woods, on the edge of a polder. Here, Michael finds out he gets closer to himself and others in the nearness of a wise old man.

Director:  Francisca Toetenel

Writer: Francisca Toetenel

(Co-)producers: Volya Films

Release Date: 2017

Partners: BOS, MediaFonds

Length: 19 minutes

Genre: Short Film

Cast: Chiem Vreeken (Michael), Jaap Maarleveld (Henk)

Director of photography:  Daan Bukman

Editors: Thomas Pooters

Sound designer:  Henk-Jelle de Groot

Sound engineer:  Harm Bredero

Composer: Case Mayfield

Costumes: Martina Fehmer

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