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The Dragon Girl is a heart-warming tale about a little orphaned girl who finds and befriends a small baby dragon.

The screenwriter duo behind The Dragon Girl have some of Norway’s bestselling and award-winning films on their merit list. Lars Gudmestad has written films such as Headhunters and The Liverpool Goalie, while Harald Rosenløw Eeg has, among others, penned The King’s Choice and 1,000 Times Good Night.

Director Katarina Launing’s feature debut was the box office hit Magic Silver. In 2018 she directed Battle that was partly shot in the Netherlands and sold to Netflix world wide outside Scandinavia.

Director: Katarina Launing

Writer: Harald Rosenløw Eeg & Lars Gudmestad

(Co-)producers: Frederick P. N. Howard & Lars A. Hellebust with Denis Vaslin (Volya Films) & Pavel Bercik

Release Date: 01/01/2021


Length: 90 minutes

Genre: Family Film

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