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Zhili, 150 km from Shanghai. In this city dedicated to textile manufacturing, young workers come from all the rural regions crossed by the Yangtze River. They are in their early twenties, share dormitories and snack in the corridors. They work tirelessly to be able one day to raise a child, buy a house or set up their own workshop. Between them, friendships and love affairs are made and unmade according to the seasons, bankruptcies and family pressures.

Director: Wang Bing

Writer: Wang Bing

(Co-)producers: House on Fire (FR), Chinese Shadows (CH), Volya Films (NL), Gladys Glover (FR), Les Films Fauves (LU)

Release Date:

Partners: Eurimages, CNC – Aide aux Cinémas du Monde Netherlands Film Fund – Hubert Bals Fund Co-production Scheme (NFF+HBF) Fondation du Judaïsme Français Fid Lab DMZ Docs Film Fund Luxembourg

Length: 360 minutes

Genre: Documentary

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