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Transit Dubai

In the heart of the Middle East a new modern city, Dubai, is growing rapidly. Although Sheik Mohammeds brain child has not been brought about by the needs of Dubai’s inhabitants, no city can originate and exist without people. Following different inhabitants of Dubai, we will traverse the shiny facade and we will gradually discover that Dubai is probably merely an optical illusion where the feeling of home does not exist.

Director:  Ineke Smits

Writer: Ineke Smits

(Co-)producers: Volya Films

Release Date: 2008

Partners: NPS

Length: 72 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Director of photography:  Melle van Essen | Edwin Verstegen

Editors: Katarina Türler | Menno Boerema

Sound designer:  Ranko Paukovic

Sound engineer: Harold Jalving

Composer: Gio Tsintsadze

Festivals: IDFA 2008 | Netherlands Film Festival 2008 | Tbilisi 2008 | Fipatel 2009 | Gdansk DocFilm 2009 | Vancouver DOXA 2009 | Global Vision Film Festival | Galway 2009 | MEDIMED 2009 | Fida Doc 2009

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