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The Last Hole on the Flute

In Serbiana ‘ Last Hole on the Flute ‘ is a loser . Gypsies use this term amongst themselves when they are disappointed in their own life. But being a last hole on the flute is their inspiration for creating music: how misery and poverty became their phenomena…

Director:  Vava Stojadinovic

Writer: Vava Stojadinovic

(Co-)producers: Volya Films

Release Date: 2006

Partners: Netherlands Film Fund, Rotterdam Media Fund

Length: 53 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Director of photography:  Vava Stojadinovic

Editors: Stella van Voorst van Beest, Vava Stojadinovic

Sound designer:  Ranko Paukovic

Sound engineer:  Boban Bajic

Composer: Slobodan Bajic

Festivals: Belgrade 2006 | Golden Apricot Film Festival 2006 | Netherlands Film Festival 2006 | MOFFOM 2006

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