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The Grown-Ups

For almost their whole life a group of friends 40 year olds have been classmates. They have passed all their grades and now don’t want to continue complying with school obligations. They outlive their parents and they are aware that they have been in school longer than most teachers and they are sick and tired of being students. They are grownups and they want to be treated as grownups. They always believe that when their parents died, they would be able to do everything they weren’t allowed before, like living on their own, driving, hanging out, having sex, being parents, getting married, and having a real job. But things are not changing for them, they have Down Syndrome and they have to deal with the frustration of living as if they were still ten years old, but they are almost fifty.

Director:  Maite Alberdi

Writer:  Maite Alberdi

(Co-)producers:  Micromundo Producciones (CH), Volya Films (NL) & Mandra Films (FR)

Release Date: 19/11/2012

Partners:  Fondo Audiovisual CAIA -Chile-, CORFO-Chile-, CNTV-Chile-, IDFA Bertha fund Europe, CNC, Tribeca Film Institute, Sundance Institute, Bertha UK, World View.

Length: 82 minutes

Genre: Documentary

DoP: Pablo Valdés
Editor: Menno Boerema & Juan Eduardo Murillo
Sound Designer: Ranko Paukovic
Composer: Miguel Miranda

Festivals: IDFA 2016

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