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The Aviatrix of Kazbek

During the second world war, on the island of Texel, Marie dreams of mountains. She loves dancing, but the village community expects her to behave. She would like to be an independent woman, but being the only girl in a large family she can hardly come by. It is only when she meets Georgian Goga and Irakli that she breaks away from the restricting and suffocating reality by learning to trust on her fantasy.

The Aviatrix of Kazbek is a modern, universal tale of three young people whose lives come together through the extremities of war.

Director:  Ineke Smits

Writer:  Arthur Japin

(Co-)producers:  Isabella Films, Fu Works, Serendipity Films, Volya Films, A.S.A.P. Productions

Release Date: 2010

Partners: Rotterdam Film Fund, Netherlands Film Fund, CoBO, Flanders Audiovisual Fund

Length: 104 minutes

Genre: Fiction

Director of photography: Piotr Kukla

Editors: Menno Boerema, Katarina Türler

Sound engineer: Dan van Bever

Sound designers: Nark Glynn

Composers: Gio Tsintsadze

Festivals: Premiere Closing Film Rotterdam Film Festival 2010

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