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Ali runs a snackbar in a suburb of Rotterdam. It is a refuge for the local Moroccan youth. They are wild, violent and criminal. To them Ali is like an old, trustworthy Turkish uncle, understanding, funny but also strict. But what if Ali, with his addiction to gambling jeopardizes their habitat? SNACKBAR is a film, which is as hard, funny, tragic, wild and unpredictable as life itself.

Director:  Meral Uslu

Writer:  Stan Lapinski

(Co-)producers:  Lemming Film & Volya Films

Release Date: 02/09/2012

Partners: The Netherlands Film FundThe Netherlands Film Fund | Rotterdam Media Fund Rotterdam Media Fund

Length: 88 minutes

Genre: Feature Film

Director of photography: Ton Peters

Sound engineer: Diego van Uden

Sound designer: Ranko Paukovic

Composer: Rutger Reinders

Festivals: Netherlands Film Festival 2012

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