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The film “Esimde” tells the tragic story of the old man Zarlyk, who returns to his hometown in Kyrgystan after spending twenty-three years of ordeal in a foreign land. He is brought back by his matured sun
Kubat. Much has changed during his absence: the morals of the villagers, mired in the realities of a changing world, radicalization of Islam, growing crime, and moral corrosive corruption began to
Zarlyk’s wife Umsunai, having lost hope of his return, became religious and married the local authority Jaichy. Zaryk’s return unsettles her, but Zatlyk seems to have lost al his memories of his time in the village. Will the memory return to him and will Umsunai gain her lost happiness back when they are pressed by tight attitudes and immorality of the clergy, when love has eclipsed recklessness?
Director of photography: Talant Akynbekov
Sound Designer: Mars Tugelov
Sound engineer: Ranko Paukovic 
Editor: Evgeniy Krokhmalenko
Director: Aktan Arym Kubat
Writer: Aktan Arym Kubat, Dalmira Tilepbergenova
(Co-)producers: Oy Art, Volya Films (NL), Mandra Films (FR), Kyrgyzfilm, Bitters End
Release Date: 21-09-2023
Partners: Netherlands Film Fund, VAF, Eurimages, Bulgarian National Film Centre, Armenian National Film Centre, MIBACT, With the support of the Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union
Length: 105 minutes
Genre: Feature Film
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