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BEKIM, a man in his fifties with striking facial features, stands inside a noisy white-painted space. He’s wearing a worker's outfit and a safety helmet, as he inspects a row of bolts that are fixed along the circle-shaped low ceiling. He glances at a few instruments on a console as he takes notes. Once he’s done he climbs a metal staircase that leads up to a platform with a steel door. He pushes the heavy door with difficulty, steps outside and is right away pushed back by a heavy wind. Bekim makes a few steps forward and manages to grab the railing. He observes the surroundings, which are now visible to us as well. Bekim seems to be drifting as he stares at the vast dark blue sea in front. Tens of gigantic wind turbines protrude from the water. And the motion of their propellers fills up the air with loud whooshing sounds. Bekim keeps staring at the landscape but is indifferent to the view. He looks thoughtful. Suddenly he takes his cell phone out and the name ERI shows up on the display. Bekim shouts, in Albanian, that he’ll call him later as he’s at work and can’t hear a thing.

Director:  Edon Rizvanolli

Writer: Edon Rizvanolli

(Co-)producers: Volya Films (NL)

Release Date: 

Partners: The Netherlands Film Fund


Genre: Fiction

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