• (Co-)producers:VOLYA FILMS
  • Release Date:09/01/2020
  • Partner(s):This film was supported in the context of Ultrakort, a collaboration of Fonds 21, Netherlands Film Fund, VUE Cinemas and the Dutch Association of Arthouse Cinemas (NFO). Distribution NL: the Dutch Association of Arthouse Cinemas (NFO). Sales Agent:tba
  • Length:2 minutes
  • Genre: Animation

Zangdom Redux

An ultrashort animation about the transience of essential connection and our deep desire to experience this in spite of everything.

A figure is trapped on a lonely voyage, floating on an uncontrollable course. But then another figure becomes visible and audible – far away. It seems that their courses are going to intersect; nervous and enthusiastic anticipation follows. And then: an intense, almost timeless encounter. But soon the figures drift apart again, forced to continue their solitary, uncontrollable courses.

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