• Director:Sebastiàn Schjaer
  • Writer:Sebastiàn Schjaer
  • (Co-)producers:Trapecio Cine (ARG), Tarea Fina (ARG), Tronco (ARG), Bord Cadre Films (SWI), Volya Films (NL)
  • Release Date:08/01/2018
  • Partner(s):Hubert Bals Fund, San Sebastián coproduction Forum, INCAA
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Genre: Feature

The Omission

A very young girl moves to and inhospitable city in the south of Argentina with her boyfriend and her daughter with the sole purpose of saving money. The plan they have together will suddenly be put into crisis, since she’s emotionally overwhelmed and unable to react to her own pain. She knows she is shouting, but she can’t hear herself.



Sofía Brito (Paula)
Lisandro Rodríguez (Manuel)
Malena Hernández Díaz (Malena)
Victoria Raposo (Pilar)
Pablo Sigal (Diego)
Laura López Moyano (Laura)


Written and directed by Sebastián Schjaer
Director of Photography Inés Duacastella
Editor Sebastián Schjaer
Music Manuel González Aguilar
Sound Design Pablo Lamar
Sound Lucas Larriera
Production Design Fabiana Gallegos
Assistant Director Agustín Gagliardi
Executive Producers Melanie Schapiro, Juan Pablo Miller
Producer Melanie Schapiro
Co-producers Juan Pablo Miller, Lautaro Brunatti, Denis Vaslin
Associate Producer Dan Weschler, Jamal Zeinal Zade
Co-production Tarea Fina, Buenos Aires
Tronco, Buenos Aires
Volya Films, Rotterdam
Bord Cadre Films, Genève


World Premiere: Berlinale 2018

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