• Director:Manu Riche
  • Writer:Steve Hawes | Manu Riche
  • (Co-)producers:Timescapes, Co-Producers: Volya Films | Thank you & Good Night | BNP Paribas Fortis Film France
  • Length:110
  • Genre: Feature

Problemski Hotel

An intriguing picture of life in a European centre for asylum-seekers, a closed community with its own codes and patterns of life. Bipul is the only one who realizes how little chance they actually have of being granted asylum and tries to help his fellow sans-papiers. Most of them survive on false hopes or are making plans to escape from the centre if their application is rejected. Their dream is to reach England, even though they know that many before them have tried this route and lost their lives. Then the turbulent Lidia arrives at the centre. Christmas brings new hope, but with it comes an awful redemption.


Director: Manu Riche

Screenwriters: Steve Hawes | Manu Riche

Producer: Timescapes

Co-Producers: Volya Films | Thank you & Good Night | BNP Paribas Fortis Film France

Director of Photography: Renaat Lambeets

Editor: Michèle Hubinon

Sound Engineer: Gerben Kokmeijer

Sound Designer: Ranko Paukovic

Composer: Harry De Wit


110 minutes






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Gent Filmfest 2015

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