• Director:Sepideh Farsi
  • Writer:Sepideh Farsi
  • (Co-)producers:Ciné-Sud Promotion (FR), Pan Entertainment (GR), Tarantula (LU), Volya Films (NL)
  • Release:07/23/2020
  • Partner(s):Netherlands Film Fund, Centre National de l'Audiovisuel Luxembourg, CNC, Greek Film Centre
  • Length:141 min
  • Genre: Feature Film


A deeply human refugee story by Iranian filmdirector Sepideh Farsi.

The lives of Mary – Greek policeman and single mother – and Yussof, a young Syrian who fled the war in order not to become a murderer, cross each other in Greece. Greece looks like a safe haven, but in reality isn’t. Who is most free? The person who fled war or the person who grew up in a free world?

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