• Director:Adilkhan Yerzhanov
  • Writer:Adilkhan Yerzhanov
  • (Co-)producers:Volya Films | Kazakh Film
  • Genre: Feature


Fourteen-year-old Aliyushka lives in a neglected chemical plant, which, after the Soviet Union collapsed, has become a shelter for underaged drug addicts and tramps. She is the only one who can read and write and the only one not using drugs.

Aliyushka wants more out of live than a mere fight for survival. She wants to help these children that society doesn’t care for. She has read old soviet books from the abandoned library and tries to implement the ideas of Tommaso Campanella, Plato, and Aristotle among her peers who are sniffing toluene (a gravely damaging industrial solvent) and dying from AIDS and tuberculosis.

However, the local plant dwellers live by their own rules and don’t care about the ideas of saving humanity. Only a few kids follow Aliyushka, sharing her doomed struggle against addiction, poverty and desperation. Aliyushka believes there is a better world outside the plant but she will have to go through challenges that befall upon every prophet known in history.


Director & Screenwriter: Adilkhan Yerzhanov

Producer: Volya Films | Kazakh Film

Director of Photography: –

Editor: –

Sound Engineer: –

Sound Designer: –

Composer: –



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