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80% Disabled

Since he was a child, Mari Sanders has been in a wheelchair. At school he was told that his dream of becoming a filmmaker was nice, but that he’d better be more realistic about his future. Now he uses his own story to discuss a broader subject: handicap and work. 80% Disabled is a humoristic investigation into our society’s struggle in dealing with handicapped people. Since his eighteenth birthday Mari receives state support, but he would rather not and would prefer to be completely independent. He wants to know the possibilities and impossibilities of working with a handicap in our society that is so set on having everyone participate.

Director:  Mari Sanders

Writer: Francisca Toetenel

(Co-)producers: Volya Films, IKONDOCS

Release Date: 2016

Partners: The Netherlands Film Fund, CoBO Fund, Dutch Cultural Media Fund & NPO.

Length: 25 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Director of photography:  Sal Kroonenberg

Editors: Saskia Kievits

Sound designer:  Martijn Helle

Sound engineer:  Gideon Bijlsma

Composer: Kevin Toma

Festivals: Teledoc campus NFF

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